Bytt til norsk

Our plans

Brakeless N-nest expected ca 9 sept-23
Father: IGP1 Taybo van de Berlex-hoeve
Mother: Parendo Vinces Fama Volat.
Pictures HERE

TAYBO is a super IGP sportsdog Bert Aerts i Belgia, but I beliveit to be more then just for sport in this dog! He is social, nervsteady, has a lot of courage and super drives!
I belive we will see a lot more from this amazing young dog in the future!
Taybo is HD og AD free and has Exellent on exibishion.
Video HERE

CISSY is a dog we are lending from our friends at Kennel Kraft in Sweden.
The breeder is former WC in IGP Mia Skogsters breeding. She is a lovely, nervsteady, social and stable female with tons of drives. She has a korning from Sweden with 540 of 600 p so here should be enough working dog for most of us....:)

We are expecting social, stable dogs with tons of drive, but there will be a lot of "punch" with a lot of strong dogs in the pedigree.
Cissi will come in heat in March and if everything goes after plan, the puppies will be ready to leave in July.

If you are interested please contact Torhild at 0047 47756064, or email for a nice cog chat! We are also to be found on Facebook under Kennel Brakeless.

Torhild Hanssen Tunge
Kennel Brakeless Malinois