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About Kennel Brakeless

Kennel Brakeless Malinois breeds Belgian Malinois from working lines. Our goal is to deliver social, well-functioning, stable dogs with tons of drives, suitable for all types of dog sports, patrol, service and SAR. Kennel Brakeless puts a lot of work into puppy development, socialization and environmental training. We take the puppies out every day and work with them: They get to run around the large fenced-in dog center and be exposed to noises, slippery floors, cuddles and pats from strangers, walks in the woods, searching for their breakfast in the large yard, meeting many other dogs and explore the world. Later they get crate training, leash training, driving in car, inviroment etc. The puppies are delivered at 8 weeks with 4 dewormings, microchip, NKK registration, 8 week vaccination. We have such good knowledge of each individual within delivery, that we can easily find the right dog for the right owner and use. We emphasize health and mentality and in our purchase contract we want consent from the buyer to mental tests the dogs, that HD, AD, and back are x-rayed and the dogs are eyed before 2 years of age, so that we can continue to breed healthy dogs in the future. If dogs from our breeding are not suitable for the use they were bought for, Kennel Brakeless wants to buy the dog back, so we can decide where the dogs end up. For buyers for other countries, we will help to manage papers, shipping, and even pick you up at the airport. You can also stay overnight at our dog center. Sincerely Torhild Hanssen Tunge